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Who We Are;

We are multidisciplinary design studio with a strong conceptual ability to merge art, design, and science. Our inspiration is deeply rooted in our identity as we always aim to create means of a dialogue between our past and future. We at Ink always look for means of innovations and unique creations that reflect our clients’ dreams and needs.

Our Philosophy;

ink; represents the essence of who we are and what we do. The combination of art, poetry, and science formulates the bases of our design philosophy. With a solid foundation in literature and design, our design approach validates the creation of unique design expressions.



Chief Designer;

Al Johara N. Beydoun

Al Johara N. Beydoun is a multidisciplinary Designer, a writer and an artist with background and experience in Urban Design, Architecture, and interiors. Alongside her work, she has been teaching art and design for 9 years at Dar Al Hekma University. Her relationship with education continues as a lifelong commitment to education through multiple talks and workshops. In terms of design, Al Johara’s work heavily reflects the intermingling of literature, design, art, and music as a process in all of its forms as a base for all her work.

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